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At Full Throttle

The story of a life of struggle in a region left behind by the country’s transition to market economy.

The main protagonist is a divorced yet determined and dogged, fighting-against-the-odds quinquagenarian ex-miner Jaroslav whose health has thwarted his lifelong dream to become a racing driver. A new relationship with his childhood love Jitka brings frustrated Jaroslav new hope for his personal life as well as his auto racing dream: Jitka is an excellent driver who could hardly find a better mentor and mechanic than Jaroslav. Nevertheless, Jaroslav cannot get away from his past and the shape of his new hope remains uncertain.


Image: At Full Throttle
  • At Full Throttle
  • Directed by Miro Remo
  • Cinematography: Martin Chlpík, Miro Remo
  • Producers: Vít Janeček – D1film, Miro Remo – Arsy-Versy (SK)
  • Co-producers: Věra Krincvajová – Czech TV (CZ), Ondrej Starinský – Radio and TV of Slovakia
  • Support: Audiovisual Fund (SK), The Czech Film Fund (CZ)
  • The project was consulted at the editing workshop Dok.incubator CZ 2020

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