The Grey Lizard Conspiracy (2017)

Logline: The presence of E.T. is evident to more and more people, but their variety and intentions perceive only few. Exploring depth of most mysterious phenomens.

Tagline: The broadminded life needs broadminded dreams.

Director: Maroš Berák

Cinematogroaphy: Maroš Berák, Zuzana Piussi

Producers: Maroš Berák - Ultrafilm (SK), Vít Janeček - D1film (CZ)

Year of production: 2017

Lenght: 79 minutes

The world is overwhelmed with wars, crises, religious conflicts and social problems. Media are full of these themes, but it doesn't show the truthful reasons. The Earth and its inhabitants are the subject of a higher game: its rulers are extra-terrestrial creatures, but to see their intentions is given to a few. For example to the viewers of this film.