full lenght fiction film

script: Ingrid Hrubaničová
directing: Zuzana Piussi
DOP: Tomáš Stanek
producer: Vít Janeček - D1film (CZ) + VIRUSfilm (SK)
support: Audiovisual fund - development (SK), Film Fund Bratislava - development (SK)
status: financing and pre-production
to be released: 1Q 2021

On film
A fiction full lenght debut of renowned Slovak woman documentary filmmaker Zuzana Piussi (1971) and her long term co-laborator, actor and writer Ingrid Hrubaničová (1965), open the view at modern society via a single mother, an aging and frustrated woman who hardly admits both. The film work with tragedy of everyday life with a dark humor, which is common for both artists and their roots in famous alternative theatre scene of Bratislava of the 90ies.

The film tells the story of 45-year-old Nada and her 10-year-old daughter. Nada is in a life stage when she decided to start living again and better after divorce, feeling calmer and more successful than hitherto. Yet, paradoxically, she finds herself in a whirlwind of even bigger, unsolvable problems of various kinds - from immediate conflicts in the neighborhood, to problems with the authorities, to her daughter's school teachers, to the daily conflict with craftsmen who come to her for minor repairs. She encounters small conflicts with vendors, drivers and auditors in urban transport etc. The recurring and accumulating failure to communicate, to demand respect for some rules, whether in neighborhood coexistence or in other situations in public, leads to an increase in her frustration. The woman who longs for a peaceful life, work and upbringing of her daughter gradually becomes a lone neurotic ball...