Full length documentary esay.

Title: University and Freedom
Logline: The University – Idea and its lives
Concept and directing: Vít Janeček
Cinematography: Zuzana Piussi
Dramaturgy: Jakub Felcman
State: Shooting
To be released: autumn 2017
Produced by: D1film and Czech Television – Petr Kubica's Creative Unit
Support: State Cinematography Fund

The theme of higher education in recent decades began to emerge strongly.  On the one hand it happens in connection with the labor market - for more and more young graduates it is difficult to find work and there are pressures from market powers to form higher education different way. Criticism touches also the financing of schools from public sources. Presures on reforms and introducing school fees led, on the other hands, to massive protests, debate on quality of higher education and its role in society.

The feature-length documentary explores idea of the university as a special entity within western civilization and its culture, which was and still is, one of relevant frameworks for reproduction and spreading of common social values and knowledge into society.